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HCP08180 Combination pliers
HCP08200 Combination pliers
HDCP08160 Diagonal cutting pliers
HLNP08160 Long nose pliers
HCP28160 Combination pliers
HCP28180 Combination pliers
HCP28200 Combination pliers
HDCP28160 Diagonal cutting pliers
HDCP28180 Diagonal cutting pliers
HHDCP28180 Heavy-duty Diagonal cutting pliers
HLNP28160 Long nose pliers
HLNP28160 Long nose pliers
HBNP28160 Bent nose pliers
HWSP28160 Wire stripping pliers
HECP28160 End cutting pliers
HPP28250 Pump pliers
HPP03300 Pump pliers
HHCP28200 High leverage combination pliers
HHLDCP28180 High leverage diagonal cutting pliers
HHLNP28160 High leverage long nose pliers
HKPS2831 3pcs Pliers set
HKHLPS2831 3pcs High leverage pliers set
HMPS01115 5Pcs mini pliers set
HECP02180 End cutting pliers
HRP02200 Rabbit pliers
HRP02230 Rabbit pliers
HRP02250 Rabbit pliers
HCPP02200 Carpenter's pliers
HSPJP02160 Slip joint pliers
HSPJP02200 Slip joint pliers
HSPJP02250 Slip joint pliers
HICP01180 Insulated Combination pliers
HICP01200 Insulated Combination pliers
HIDCP01160 Insulated Diagonal cutiing plier
HILNP01200 Long nose plier
HCJLW0107 Curved jaw lock plier
HCJLW0110 Curved jaw lock plier
HSJP0210 Straight jaw plier
HSP0107 Seal Plier
HCLP0110 Chain clamp locking plier
HWP0110 Welding Plier
HLNP0109 Long nose locking plier
HCCLW0111 C-Clamp lock Plier
HFLP0110 Flat locking plier
HWSP04 Wire Stripper
HWSP15608 Wire stripper
HWSP851 Wire Stripper
HWSP101 Wire Stripper
HCCP011801 Circlip Plier
HCCP011751 Circlip Plier
HCCP011802 Circlip Plier
HCCP011752 Circlip Plier
HCCPS01180 4Pcs Circlip Plier Set
HPK02101 Pocket knife
HPK01981 Pocket knife
HES0107 Eletrician's Scissors
HES0108 Eletrician's Scissors
HPW0808 Pipe wrench
HPW0810 Pipe wrench
HPW0812 Pipe wrench
HPW0814 Pipe wrench
HPW0818 Pipe wrench
HPW0824 Pipe wrench
HPW0836 Pipe wrench
HPW0848 Pipe wrench
HPW1410 Ratcheting pipe wrench
HPW1414 Ratcheting pipe wrench
HPW04011 90° heavy duty swedish pipe wrench
HPW04151 90° heavy duty swedish pipe wrench
HPW04021 90° heavy duty swedish pipe wrench
HPW04012 45° heavy duty swedish pipe wrench
HPW04152 45° heavy duty swedish pipe wrench
HPW04022 45° heavy duty swedish pipe wrench
HMBC0108 Mini bolt cutter
HBC0812 Bolt cutter
HBC0814 Bolt cutter
HBC0818 Bolt cutter
HBC0824 Bolt cutter
HBC0830 Bolt cutter
HBC0836 Bolt cutter
HBC0842 Bolt cutter
HBC0848 Bolt cutter
HCCB0206 Cable cutter
HCCB0208 Cable cutter
HCCB0210 Cable cutter
HHCCB0210 Heavy duty cable cutter
HCCB20124 Cable cutter
HCCB20136 Cable cutter
HPC0535 PVC Pipe cutter
HPC0543 PVC Pipe cutter
HPC0442 PVC Pipe cutter
HPC0232 " Aluminium knob" Pipe cutter
HPC0142 Pipe cutter
HPFT71 Pipe Flaring Tool Set
HS282038 Slotted screwdriver
HS284100 Slotted screwdriver
HS285075 Slotted screwdriver
HS285100 Slotted screwdriver
HS286125 Slotted screwdriver
HS286150 Slotted screwdriver
HS288150 Slotted screwdriver
HS288200 Slotted screwdriver
HS28PH2038 Phillips screwdriver
HS28PH0075 Phillips screwdriver
HS28PH1075 Phillips screwdriver
HS28PH1100 Phillips screwdriver
HS28PH2125 Phillips screwdriver
HS28PH2150 Phillips screwdriver
HS28PH3150 Phillips screwdriver
HS28PH3200 Phillips screwdriver
HS28T10100 Torx screwdriver
HS28T20150 Torx screwdriver
HS28PZ1100 "Pozidriv screwdriver"
HS28PZ2150 "Pozidriv screwdriver"
HGTS286100 Slotted Go-Through Screwdriver
HGTS286150 Slotted Go-Through Screwdriver
HGTS288150 Slotted Go-Through Screwdriver
HGTS288200 Slotted Go-Through Screwdriver
HGTSPH2100 Phillips Go-Through Screwdriver
HGTSPH2150 Phillips Go-Through Screwdriver
HGTSPH3150 Phillips Go-Through Screwdriver
HGTSPH3200 Phillips Go-Through Screwdriver
HKSD0248 2 pcs screwdriver set
HKSD0628 6 pcs screwdriver set
HKSD0638 6 pcs screwdriver set
HKSD0828 8 Pcs screwdriver set
HKSD1028 10 Pcs screwdriver set
HKSD1828 18 Pcs screwdriver and precision screwdriver set
AKISD0608 6 IN 1 Screwdriver set
AKISD0201 2 IN 1 Screwdriver set
AKSDFL1208 12 Pcs Flexible shaft screwdriver set
AKISD0901 9 pcs Interchangeable screwdriver set
HKSD0718 7PCS precision screwdriver set
HKSDB0348 34PCS precision screwdriver set
AKISD0808 8 pcs Ratchet Screwdriver Set
AKISD1201 13 IN 1 Ratchet Screwdriver set
HKSDB0281 28PCS Bits Set
HKSDB0248 24 Pcs screwdriver set
HKSDB0188 18PCS T-handle wrench screwdriver set
HKSDB0258 25 Pcs T-handle wrench screwdriver set
AKISD1508 15 IN 1 Ratchet Screwdriver set
HKSDB0338 33 Pcs screwdriver set
HKSDB0268 26 PCS Screwdriver bit set
HKTH10258 25pcs handtools set
HKTH10808 8pcs handtools set
HKTH10839 39pcs handtools set
HKTHP21171 117 Pcs Tools Set
HKTS14451 45PCS 1/4" Socket set
HKTS12122 12PCS 1/2" Socket set
HKTS0243 24PCS 1/2" Socket set
HKTS12251 25PCS 1/2" Socket set
HKTS12071 1/2" Socket set(E-type Socket )
HKTS42441 44PCS 1/4"+1/2" Socket set
HKTS42941 94PCS 1/4" and 1/2" Socket set
HKTHP20771 77 Pcs Tools Set
HTCS15591 59 Pcs Tool Chest Set
HKTHP21421 142 Pcs Combination Tools Set
HSDT1408 Test pencil
HSDT1908 Test pencil
HSDT1909 Digital test pencil
VD10001 AC Voltage Detector
HISD813075 Insulated Screwdriver
HISD814100 Insulated Screwdriver
HISD815125 Insulated Screwdriver
HISD816150 Insulated Screwdriver
HISD81PH060 Insulated Screwdriver
HISD81PH180 Insulated Screwdriver
HISD81PH2100 Insulated Screwdriver
HISD81PH3150 Insulated Screwdriver
HISD81PZ2100 Insulated Screwdriver
HKISD0608 6 PCS Insulated Screwdriver Set
HGC0104 G Clamps
HGC0105 G Clamps Stilldon Type
HGC0106 G Clamps
HFC020501 F clamp with plastic handle
HFC020502 F clamp with plastic handle
HFC020503 F clamp with plastic handle
HFC020802 F clamp with plastic handle
HFC021201 F clamp with plastic handle
HFC021204 F clamp with plastic handle
HFC021202 F clamp with plastic handle
HFC021205 F clamp with plastic handle
HFC021203 F clamp with plastic handle
HFC021404 F clamp with plastic handle
HFC021401 F clamp with plastic handle
HGP08023 Two Jaws Puller
HGP08024 Two Jaws Puller
HGP08026 Two Jaws Puller
HGP08033 Three Jaws Puller
HGP08034 Three Jaws Puller
HGP08036 Three Jaws Puller
HBV024 Bench Vice
HBV026 Bench Vice
HBV028 Bench Vice
HBV064 Super heavy duty Bench Vice
HBV066 Super heavy duty Bench Vice
HMH040300 Machinist hammer
HMH040500 Machinist hammer
HMH041000 Machinist hammer
HMH041500 Machinist hammer
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